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AEE Unveils PowerSuite, a New Online Platform for Tracking Energy Legislation and Regulatory Proceedings in all 50 States

Posted by Industry News on Jun 25, 2014

Washington, DC, June 24, 2014 – Navigating state energy policy becomes easier today with the launch of PowerSuite, the only fully integrated set of online tools for tracking energy legislation and regulatory proceedings across all 50 states. PowerSuite’s easy-to-use interface allows users to search, track, and collaborate on the energy policies that matter to them.

“With much of energy policy determined at the state level, PowerSuite will save AEE member companies time and money,” said Graham Richard, CEO of Advanced Energy Economy (AEE). “Subscribers in academia, law firms, and nonprofit organizations will also find it a powerful new way to keep up with policy changes across the country. When it comes to staying on top of the energy landscape, PowerSuite is a game-changer.”

As the business voice of advanced energy, AEE developed PowerSuite to help its member companies navigate the complex and ever-changing energy policy and regulatory arena in states across the country. But PowerSuite is also available to non-members by subscription. PowerSuite can be found at:

Until now, staying on top of state energy policy meant navigating legislative and public utility commission websites state by state, many of them confusing and difficult to use, and keeping track of information manually with lists and spreadsheets. Following new developments in multiple states was a nightmare – and a big expense. Problem solved, thanks to the first two tools in PowerSuite: BillBoard for tracking legislation and DocketDash for tracking public utility dockets.

“With critical information on legislation and utility regulation bottled up in separate websites for each of the 50 states, this was a problem that was ripe for a technology solution,” said Steve Chadima, SVP Communications & Director of California Initiatives at AEE and veteran of multiple technology start-ups. “We think that PowerSuite is the tool that advanced energy companies, professional service providers, and policy advocates have been waiting for.”

The easy-to-use, searchable database of dockets and legislation from states across the country enables users to find, track, and collaborate on legislation (via Billboard) and utility commission dockets (via DocketDash) using a common interface. Users can set up notifications of changes in bills or dockets by making them “favorites” and share summaries, notes, and other information with colleagues. Additional tools developed for PowerSuite in the future will share this common interface and functionality.

AEE is offering PowerSuite as a benefit of AEE membership for Leadership Council and Business Council members, and at a discount for General Members. The service is also available by subscription, with special rates for government employees, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations. Subscriptions are offered at a 20% discount through September 30.

To view a demo video and sign up for a free trial of PowerSuite, go to


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